Crypto Teddies

Build and battle a squad of NFT Teddies in a play-to-earn collectible card game.

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Welcome to the Teddy Universe, where a war has broken out following the assassination of the beloved president. As you fight to defend the land and clash against opposing teddy coalitions, you'll be rewarded for your time and efforts with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Crypto Teddies is a free-to-play online collectible card game (CCG) driven by its community. The project aims to offer exciting CCG gameplay, while bolstering the player experience with real-world value and NFTs.

Putting its players first, Crypto Teddies wants users to own the items they collect and earn in-game, from game cards and badges to avatars, which can in turn be traded at any time.

"We plan to change the way CCG asset ownership is done, making things like fraudulent cards and hacked accounts a thing of the past."

Build, Battle, and Bear It All

Each Crypto Teddies match is a 1vs1 battle between two opponents, with players taking turns to cast powerful spells, deadly traps, or summon warriors to battle and protect their hero.

To get started, users can unlock core cards by playing against the game's AI or in its matchmaking lobby. As you progress and chalk up Ws in the arena, you'll unlock NFTs backed with Enjin Coin (ENJ) in the process.

Each Crypto Teddies card features unique attributes and strengths to help fortify battle skills, giving the game a spirited level of variety. As you gain experience, your cards' energy levels intensify, with battle rewards strengthening your squad with each win.

Not only is each NFT infused with ENJ and playable in-game, they're also used in collector contests and rank advancement. The more you collect, the more you win!

To offer a truly free-to-play experience, Crypto Teddies is taking advantage of Enjin’s multi chain ecosystem with the carbon-negative, fee-free JumpNet network and Efinity, an eco-friendly blockchain purpose-built for NFTs.

Intending to stay ahead of the game in the fast-developing crypto gaming space, the team is counting on Enjin to keep up with players’ demands while delivering a next-gen CCG experience.

“We decided to use Enjin's developer toolkit to give our users the best blockchain experience the gaming world has seen. With Enjin's JumpNet, we will be able to eliminate transaction costs for our users and make our games truly free-to-play.”

An epic battle awaits in the ruthless world of Crypto Teddies—along with an equally exciting community and potential for meaningful rewards. Do you have what it takes?

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