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February 15, 2021

Enjin SDK for Godot

Learn more about our SDK for Godot Engine and the EnjinRun demo game.

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Tassio Rafael
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Enijn SDK for Godot

The Enjin SDK for Godot is an open-source software development kit that allows you to interact with the Platform API in GDScript.

You can use the Godot SDK to easily integrate support for blockchain assets into your applications and games without the need to write any blockchain code.

The SDK package can be downloaded from the Godot Asset Library.

To help you get started, our documentation provides in-depth information about using the Enjin SDK with Godot Engine.

Download the Enjin SDK for Godot.

EnjinRun Demo Game

We understand that the Enjin Platform is unique in its structure and implementation, so we've created an open-source game demo game that will allow game developers to see our tech in action, then repurpose the source code for their own integrations.

EnjinRun is a quick, simple platform game included in the Godot SDK package.

While it is not designed to be an exhaustive showcase of the Enjin Platform, EnjinRun demonstrates the three core functions that game developers using our platform will utilize regularly: linking, writing, and reading blockchain inventory.

  1. Wallet Linking: A secure, private way to attach a user’s blockchain inventory to their game account.
  2. Asset Distribution: Upon starting EnjinRun, three 3 in-game items will be automatically distributed to your linked wallet. Receiving the item while playing will result in a request being parsed to the Enjin Platform, which will then get forwarded to the Enjin Wallet for approval. Once the wallet authorizes the transaction, it is broadcasted to the Ethereum Network, and the asset is deposited into the user’s blockchain address.
  3. Asset Implementation: Once a player has received an asset, they will want to use it in-game. EnjinRun will allow you to breakdown the process of reading a player’s blockchain inventory and providing them with the in-game items they own.

To test out EnjinRun, you will need to download the Godot SDK package, along with the Enjin Wallet mobile app.

Upon running the demo, you will be asked to link your wallet via a QR code located in the bottom right of the screen.

Navigate to the Linked Apps section of your Enjin Wallet, and scan the QR code. Enter your password, and you will receive an "Project Linked Successfully" confirmation.

To complete the process, click the "Link Wallet" button under the QR on the game screen.

Now that your wallet is linked, you can begin playing EnjinRun and experience our tech in acton. All assets received and earned in-game can be viewed in the Collectibles section of your Enjin Wallet.

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